Image Name Zone Level Notes
Broom Broom Pirate Ship 1F 18 -
Sweeper Sweeper Pirate Ship 1F 18 Mini-Boss, Drops Skeleton-KeyHallway Key
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Pirate Ship 1F, 2F 19 Drops Skeleton-KeyCaptain's Cabin Key (1F)
and Red-WaxRed Beeswax (2F)
Sweeper Pirate Skeleton Pirate Ship 1F, 2F 19 -
Pirate-Ghost Pirate Ghost Pirate Ship 2F 20 -
Pirate-Boss BOATSWAIN BRANKA Pirate Ship 2F 24 Boss


Image Name Quests Shop Vendor
Treasure Chest Hungry Box 1 No
Blue-Flame Blue Flame 1 No

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