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Potion Bag


Potion Bag
A bag with a random potion in it.

Etc. Items
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 250 GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Dropped by most Leaf-BoarMonsters.
Chance when opening Ancient-BoxBox.

When opened, you may receive any of the following potions:
MinorhealingpotionLesser Healing Potion
LesserhealingpotionHealing Potion
LesserhealingpotionGreater Healing Potion
MinormanapotionLesser Mana Potion
LessermanapotionMana Potion
LessermanapotionGreater Mana Potion
Greater-Restoration-PotionGreater Restoration Potion
Pink-PotionHealth Regeneration Potion
Mana-Regeneration-PotionMana Regeneration Potion
Green-PotionMove Speed Potion
ThawingThawing Potion
ScrollOld Scroll (1-2)

Comes in packs of 3.

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