Quests are a set of objectives and tasks which the player complete for rewards. There are various quests in the World of Magic, but it is a notable fact that none of the quests rewards either coins or experience.

Main Quests

These quests unlock areas that are inaccessible without completion.

Side Quests

These quests reward items.

Reward: Old-BagOld Bag, Mystic-SeedLighthouse Quest
Reward: Pirate-HatPirate Hat
Reward: Donguri-HatDonguri Hat
Reward: Kooii-DollKooii Hat
Reward: CanineswordCanine Tooth of Madness
Reward: Brass-RingRing of Soul or Brass-RingRing of Virgin and GdermaPotionGanoderma Potion
Reward: Old-HatOld Hat
Reward: StimulantMango Water
Reward: Madgar's-BeltMadgar's Belt
Reward: FlowersMilk, MeatLamb Meat, K-TokenKamakee Token, Raven-NecklaceRaven Necklace
Reward: New RingKamakee Ring
Reward: Red-TearSeruang's Tear
Reward: Rusty-SwordPractice Sword, Wooden-ShortbowWooden Shortbow, StaffWooden Staff
Reward: Fantastic-PowderFantastic Powder
Reward: Ranger-skillbookWeakness (Volume III), Magician-skillbookTeleport 3, Warrior-skillbookBull Rush (Volume III)
Reward:Crystal-RobeCrystal Robe, Snow-Flower-Stem-HatSnow-Flower Stem Hat, Hat-of-SpiritHat of Spirit, Platinum-RapierPlatinum Rapier, Wings-WingWing's Wing, Enchanted-FeatherEnchanted Feather, Iron-BarFrost Iron Bar, Ancient-WandAncient Wand
Reward: Old-Leather-ShoesBoots of Speed, Woopa-ArmorSturdy Woopa Armor, Woopa-HelmIntensified Woopa Helmet, Woopa-ArmorWoopa Scale Armor, Woopa-Scale-HelmetWoopa Scale Helmet, GoldGold (800) and 300EXP, GoldGold (1000) and 1050EXP, Leather-ShoesShoes (ShukShuk), Wizard-hatMagician Hat, Coral-NecklaceIntensified Coral Necklace, Coral-RingIntensified Coral Ring, Hair-FeatherHair Feather, Red-CoralRed Coral, Small-CoralRefined Coral, Coral-DustCoral Dust, ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (C Class),
  • Polluted Forest Quests
  • Marsh of Death Quests
Reward: Many items-Too many to place on this page
Reward: Many items-Too many to place on this page
Reward: Many items-Too many to place on this page

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