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Quests are a set of objectives and tasks which the player complete for rewards. There are various quests in the World of Magic, but it is a notable fact that none of the quests reward either coins or experience.

Main Quests

These quests unlock areas that are inaccessible without completion.

The quest below is the main point of the whole game.

Side Quests

These quests reward items.

Reward: Old-BagOld Bag, Mystic-SeedLighthouse Quest
Reward: Pirate-HatPirate Hat
Reward: Donguri-HatDonguri Hat
Reward: Kooii-DollKooii Hat
Reward: CanineswordCanine Tooth of Madness
Reward: Brass-RingRing of Soul or Brass-RingRing of Virgin and GdermaPotionGanoderma Potion
Reward: Old-HatOld Hat
Reward: StimulantMango Water
Reward: Madgar's-BeltMadgar's Belt
Reward: FlowersMilk, MeatLamb Meat, K-TokenKamakee Token, Raven-NecklaceRaven Necklace
Reward: New RingKamakee Ring
Reward: Red-TearSeruang's Tear
Reward: Rusty-SwordPractice Sword, Wooden-ShortbowWooden Shortbow, StaffWooden Staff
Reward: Fantastic-PowderFantastic Powder
Reward: Ranger-skillbookWeakness (Volume III), Magician-skillbookTeleport 3, Warrior-skillbookBull Rush (Volume III)
Reward:Crystal-RobeCrystal Robe, Snow-Flower-Stem-HatSnow-Flower Stem Hat, Hat-of-SpiritHat of Spirit, Platinum-RapierPlatinum Rapier, Wings-WingWing's Wing, Enchanted-FeatherEnchanted Feather, Iron-BarFrost Iron Bar, Ancient-WandAncient Wand
Reward: Old-Leather-ShoesBoots of Speed, Woopa-ArmorSturdy Woopa Armor, Woopa-HelmIntensified Woopa Helmet, Woopa-ArmorWoopa Scale Armor, Woopa-Scale-HelmetWoopa Scale Helmet, GoldGold (800) and 300EXP, GoldGold (1000) and 1050EXP, Leather-ShoesShoes (ShukShuk), Wizard-hatMagician Hat, Coral-NecklaceIntensified Coral Necklace, Coral-RingIntensified Coral Ring, Hair-FeatherHair Feather, Red-CoralRed Coral, Small-CoralRefined Coral, Coral-DustCoral Dust, ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (C Class),
Reward: Many items-Too many to place on this page
Reward: Many items-Too many to place on this page
Reward: Many items-Too many to place on this page

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