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Rage crystal is a meter, like mana. Some skills require certain amount of Rage Crystals to cast. It is displayed at the top right corner of the screen for Warriors and Rangers. Magicians do not have a Rage Crystal meter.

How to Obtain Rage CrystalsEdit

Rage crystals are gained every time you make an successful attack (not blocked or missed). For each normal damage, you gain 0.5 Crystal (2 hits for 1 Crystal). For each critical or deadly damage, you gain 1 Crystal.

Warriors also gain Rage Crystals from taking damage. For each damage instance you receive you gain 0.2 Crystal (5 hits for 1 Crystal).

Damage from skills such as Wild SwingWild Swing counts toward your Crystals. However the amount of Crystals gained is irrelevant to the amount of damage dealt. Double ShotDouble Shot,Multi Shot Multi Shot and SweepsSweeping Strikes count as multiple damage instances.

The skill BerserkBerserk instantly adds Crystals, and the skill ClarityClarity will regain 5 crystals over 5 seconds while the skill NeutralizeNeutralize removes all Crystals.


Some skills need Rage Crystals to cast, such as Double ShotDouble Shot and SlamSlam. They will become available only after you have enough Crystals. You consume Crystals after cast.

None of magicians' skills require Rage Crystals to cast.

Maximum CrystalsEdit

It is possible to extend the maximum amount of Crystals you can have. You start the game with a maximum of 2 Crystals, and this limit increases by 1 for every 10th level (10, 20, 30, 40, 50). At level 50 you will have 7. With Instinct Stimulus Vol.1, you will have 8. As for now, only Instinct I exists.

The skill BerserkInstinct Stimulus increases maximum amount of Crystals.

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