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Wooden-Shortbow Ranger


Description: A ranged class that uses bows and swords. Skilled with a bow, the ranger shoots multiple arrows causing severe casualty to enemies.

Starting Stats:

Points to distribute - 9

Strength - 10

Intelligence - 8

Dexterity - 13

Constitution - 11

Wisdom - 10

Recommended Stat Distribution:

Damage Ranger - 18 Dexterity, 15 Constitution

Survival Ranger - 18 Constitution, 15 Dexterity

NOTE: Every 3 Dexterity equals 1 Critical.


  • High critical rates
  • Fastest to attack (fastest DPS) (DPS= damage per second)
  • Can attack from a far range, using killing abilities to farm solo
  • Average amount of HP and MP
  • Extremely effective PvP Class
  • Is a balanced class (decent damage and HP) (and also in PK, well rounded)
  • Although mainly DPS based, Rangers have a few buffing skills, Ranger-skillbookThorns
  • Easiest to train!


  • Doesn't have a lot of attack skills (Ranger-skillbookDouble Shot is basically your main skill)
  • Few armor upgrades over the levels (you'll be wearing the same armor all the time)
  • Hard to get skills, expensive and highly desired
  • Basically has to worry about Health, Crystal points, speed and Mana

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