Recall Scroll
A scroll that takes you to your hometown.

Buy Price from NPC: 110 Gold Gold
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 50 Gold Gold

How to Obtain:
Purchase from KanaKana, Reader-HalDamas, Reader-HalSamas, Reader-HalRamas, and Reader-HalDajose.
You also have a chance to obtain it from doing Small-KulinKulin's Collecting Evidence quest.
Also obtained from Gift-BoxGift Box, Small-Treasure-BoxSmall Treasure Box and ScrollOld Scroll.

Takes you to your rebirth point.
Used to make Skeleton-KeySky Castle Key in Combine-BookCombine Book II.

You can change your respawn point by speaking to the Npc-Innkeeper Innkeeper of that place and tapping "I'd like to set this place as my returning location." In the village, you may also speak to the Amy Newbie Helper to change your respawn point.