Video WalkthroughEdit

Walkthrough: Video Here

Siro's Request 1 - Get HeartEdit

Talk to NPC Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro on the first floor of the Testing-WoopaLighthouse Dungeon (1500,2600).
Directions from the entrance: south, east, south, east, south, west.

Go to the second floor of the Testing-WoopaLighthouse Dungeon and find the Grave Yard (2100,2800).

The second floor stairs are located at ( 3353,4269).

It's the room after PastalPastal and MysticaMystica.
Get the Hard-ScaleHeart from Sia's Grave.

Return to Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro on the first floor.

Siro's Request 2 - Get daggerEdit

Get the next quest from Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro. He wants you to go to the second floor of the Lighthouse again and this time talk to PastalPastal.
Bring Piece-of-BonePiece of Bone (5) and she will craft you a CanineswordRevenger's Dagger.

Take the dagger back to Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro.

Siro's Request 3 - Kill MadgarEdit

Kill MADGARMADGAR and pick up Hard-ScaleMadgar's Heart and Madgar's-BoneMadgar's Bone.
Bring these two items back to Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro.

MADGARMADGAR has been found in these these places: (2715, 2095), (2344, 3470), (3300, 3400)
  • Glitch: Sometimes, when you are returning the Hard-Scaleheart, Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro will just say "How's the request going?" Just kill MADGARMADGAR again and come back to Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro again.

Siro's Request 4 - Get RevengeEdit

Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro will ask you to go back to the Grave Yard on floor 2 (near Pastal's location)  and talk with Madgar's Grave. Siro tells you:

"Use this dagger to strike his heart and bury it next to my sister's grave. That way, they can be together forever."

The heart will turn into a Scarlet-SoulstoneScarlet Soulstone.
Go to LH1 and talk to Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro again.

Revenger-SiroRevenger Siro gives you Madgar's-BoneMadgar's Bone.

Siro's Request 5 - Get BeltEdit

Take Madgar's-BoneMadgar's Bone to PastalPastal.

He will turn it into Round-ShieldMadgar's Buckle.

You need Cured-Leather Cured Leather (5) and Round-ShieldMadgar's Buckle to make Madgar's-BeltMadgar's Belt.
Take the items to NPC JamieLeather Craftsman in the main village, and you will receive Madgar's-BeltMadgar's Belt.



Madgar's Belt
The belt of the mighty Madgar.

Level Required: 9
Class Required: Magician-Class Ranger-Class Warrior-Class All
Armor: 2
Health: 10
Item is Soulbound
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 12.5K GoldGold


It is recommended that you kill SkeletonMADGAR first, before starting the quest. Why? It might take a while to find Madgar, and you can save inventory space by accepting the quest after obtaining Madgar's-BoneMadgar's Heart and Madgar's-BoneMadgar's Bone.
All quest items are soulbound, meaning they cannot be traded to other players.
The belt you get from this quest is highly desirable on BF1 campers

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