Shuk Shuk as in the sound you make while walking with the boots that stimulate your speed.

Level Required: 20
Class Required: Magician-Class Ranger-Class Warrior-Class All
Armor: 3
Speed: 7-11%
Item is Soulbound
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 7500 GoldGold
Requires 20 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: 2 ThirdCore3rd Core

How to Obtain:
Crafted by ShookshookShookshook at Wingfril Island Beach.

TURTLE-ZTurtle Z, TURTLE-ZZZTurtle ZZZ, and MALTARGUARDIANMALTARGUARDIAN drop CrownCrown which is needed to obtain ShukShuks. It was thought for a long time that 9% was max, but 11% is possible. It’s very rare.

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