Sky Castle was released in the 2012 Christmas update. It comprises of 6 maps with a unique map transition system resembling that of the Crystal StoneTemple of Wingfril.

Sky CastleEdit

Maps in Sky Castle:

Map Transition SystemEdit

The first map, Ancient Palace, is separated into two Factions. The Siras entrance is on the left, and Lanos on the right. At the end of the map there is a gate asking you whether you want to teleport. Note that you cannot go back to the previous map after you teleport.

The gate in the Ancient Palace will teleport you to either the Eastern or Western Sky Castle, depending on the hour of the day and your faction. Suppose a Siras is teleported to the Eastern Sky Castle at 10 AM. Then a Lanos at the same time will be teleported to Western Sky Castle. It alternates every hour.

Once in the Eastern or Western Sky Castle, you will receive a buff that looks like a soldier turning its head (Siras) or a winged creature (Lanos). This buff gives a slight attack damage bonus and indicates that your faction is currently teleported to the map you presently occupy. At the end of the hour, the buff will be gone and you will receive a message saying, "The presence of Empire/Kingdom will take place now." This indicates that players from the opposite faction are now being teleported into the current map.

The same goes for Stone Fortress and Unknown Maze. Note that if you are in the Eastern Sky Castle with the buff, then you will be going to the Unknown Maze. If you are in the Western Sky Castle with the buff, then you will be going to the Stone Fortress, and vice versa. If you are in the Eastern/Western map after the buff leaves, you would go from Western to the Unknown Maze or Eastern to the Stone Fortress. The last map, Fallen Temple, is shared.

If you were to base that the monster imaged in the in-game map is the boss of each map, then there is no existing boss for the Stone Fortress and the Fallen Temple. Strangely, the existing bosses in the Sky Castle do not have capitalized names like all other bosses.

If you die in any floor of the Sky Castle, except the Ancient Palace, you will respawn in your set recall location.


First Floor - Ancient Palace

Image Name Level Notes
Sky-Bat Sky Bat 26 -
Silver-Bat Silver Bat 29 Mini-Boss
Ipot iPot 27 -
Puppet Puppet 35 Mini-Boss
Tornado Tornado 28 -
Dark-Tornado Dark Tornado 31 Mini-Boss

Second Floor - Western Sky Castle

Image Name Level Notes
Goblin Goblin 28 -
Couatl Couatl 29 -
Kobold Kobold 30 -
Kobold Zealot 33 Mini-Boss
Goblin-Warrior Goblin Warrior 32 Mini-Boss
Gnome Gnome 36 Mini-Boss
Tyrant Tyrant 37 Mini-Boss

Second Floor - Eastern Sky Castle

Image Name Level Notes
Orb Orb 28 -
Storm Storm 29 -
Bulette Bulette 30 -
Tank Tank 33 Mini-Boss
Maelstrom Maelstrom 35 Mini-Boss
Swirl-Flame Swirl Flame 35 Mini-Boss
Twister Twister 35 Mini-Boss
Twister Elemental Queen 38 Mini-Boss

Third Floor - Stone Fortress

Image Name Level Notes
Solid Rock Solid Rock 34 -
Gargoyle Gargoyle 35 -
Golem Golem 36 -
Black Gargoyle Black Gargoyle 37 -
OminousBird Ominous Bird 35 Mini-Boss
Stonestatue Stonestatue 38 Mini-Boss

Third Floor - Unknown Maze

Image Name Level Notes
Aroid Aroid 35 -
Iron Golem Iron Golem 36 -
Robot Robot 36 -
Humanoid Humanoid 37 -
Landmine Landmine 39 Mini-Boss
Titanium Golem DonBurns99 Titanium Golem 40 Mini-Boss
Steampunk Steampunk 44 Mini-Boss

Final Floor - Fallen Temple

Image Name Level Notes
Darkness Darkness 41 -
Protector Protector 43 -
Guardian Guardian 44 -
Fear-Of-The-Darkness Fear of the Darkness 42 Mini-Boss
Inspector Inspector 45 Mini-Boss
GateKeeper Gatekeeper 46 Mini-Boss