Special Mushroom Beer
A beer made of mushrooms... special mushrooms. Don't use too much ;)

Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 25 GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Trade MaloiBartender Lumai or MaloiBartender Maloi Dried MushroomDried Mushroom (10) for Special Mushroom Beer (5).

Restores 7 MP per second for 8 seconds.

Talk to MaloiSteve and turn in the "2 pints of Special Mushroom Beer" quest for a Pirate-Coin-NewThanksGiving Coin.

Total MP restored: 56

Trade these for a Decoded-LetterDecoded Letter (Lighthouse Dungeon Quest).
Cool time 5 seconds.
You need to be standing still for it to heal. If you move, it will cancel the healing effect and waste the supply.
You will see the icon DrinkIcon while the item is in effect.

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