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Status effects are any effects that currently modify the characteristics from your normal characters for a pre-determined amount of time. They come in the form of a "buff" (a positive status effect), or a "debuff" (negative status effect).

Most current status effects that are affecting your character will be shown on the top bar below the menu button with its own icon though some might not.

Positive Status Effects/BuffsEdit

Item effects:Edit

Icon Effect Activation

Strength Boost/ Crit Boost

Kooii-DollAwaken Kooii Doll , DonguryuHoney Apple

FoodEffect Food Effect Meat-LegWoopa Pork Meat  
DrinkIcon Drink Effect CocktailDongryu Juice, Beer, BeerSpecial Mushroom Beer
Expboost EXP Boost (20%) Be in Winning faction of Battlefield or a participant in the battle, Or clicking on Ads.

Magic effects:Edit

Icon Effect Magic
Shielded Magic Shield Shield and Prayer of Protection
Bull Rush Skill
Increase Speed

Bull Rush, Stampede

Shielded Heal Healing Wave, Sara's Blessing
Reflector Thorns

Stat helpers

(some do not show)

Concentrate, Clarity, Instinct Stimulus, Stoneskin, Rage, Berserk, Last Resistance, Sweeping Strikes, Will of Elemental, Shout of Calmness

Negative Status Effects/DebuffsEdit

Item effects:Edit

There are no items that can cause negative effects.

Magic effects:Edit

Icon Effect Magic
Ensnare Decrease Speed Ensnare, Drowsiness
Freeze (No movement from position) Ice Prison, Freezing Trap, Ice Lance
Damage Amplifier Weakness, Curse of Doom
Impact Shot
Stun  Impact Shot, Stun, Silence, Slam
Makes you run away from the caster Fear
Lose HP at a set rate (Hp per tick) Poisoning, Hemorrhage
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