Storage Key
A Storage Key in Pirate Ship.

Etc. Items
Sell Price at Black Trader: 3k-5k Gold Gold

How to Obtain:
1. Trade Hungry-BoxHungry Box Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coin x7 for Black-BeeswaxBlack Beeswax x1.
2. Melt Blue-FlameBlue Flame with Black-BeeswaxBlack Beeswax x1 for Skeleton-KeyStorage Key.

Access to Storage Room (where Pirate-Boss BOATSWAIN BRANKA is located).

Related Items:
Skeleton-KeyBone Key
Skeleton-KeyCaptain's Cabin Key
Skeleton-KeyHallway Key
Skeleton-KeyRusty Key
Skeleton-KeyWarehouse Key

Key disappears after use.
Part of Pirate Ship Quest.

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