Stun (Volume I)
Paralyzes the target for a certain time.

Skill Book
Level Required: 25
Class Required: Magician-ClassMagician
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 5400 GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Bought at Reader-HalReader Hal.
Dropped by:
Wild-SandmanWild Sandman
BeholderDesert Beholder
PengoonYoung Pengoon

Unlocks StunStun Level I on your skills list.

Related Items:
Magician-skillbookStun (Volume I) - 2 seconds
Magician-skillbookStun (Volume II) - 3 seconds
Magician-skillbookStun (Volume III) - 4 seconds
Magician-skillbookStun (Volume IV) - 5 seconds

Stun does not work if the target has shields. The visual effect of the big hammer still appears, but there is no effect on the target.

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