• Hr7 Yay :D
  • It was +5 but the hitrate is too bad.
  • 10hr sturdy leather gloves :P found this on fb SERVER BIGMAMA
  • 12 hr sturdy gloves
  • TheHelpful's 8hr, sold for 6.5m :3


Sturdy Leather Gloves
Very sturdy gloves made out of tough leather.

Level Required: 13
Class Required: Warrior-ClassWarrior or Ranger-ClassRanger
Armor: 3
Hit Rate: 0-12
Sell Price at Black Trader:
HR 0-2: 3.2K-5K
HR3: 5K-9K GoldGold
HR4: 15K-30K GoldGold
HR5: 50K-125K GoldGold
HR6: 300K-500K GoldGold
HR7: 1M-2M GoldGold
HR8: 9M-10M GoldGold
HR9: 16M+ GoldGold
HR10: 20M+ GoldGold
Requires 10 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: Coree22nd Core (2)

How to Obtain:
Dropped by Testing-WoopaTesting Woopa.

HR6 and above are rare stats.

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