• Haha, I found you. >:)
  • Playing peek-a-boo with Sunrise Flowers and ended up killing it. Well, that escalated quickly.
  • Found the Sunflowery Flower ^_^
Sunrise Flower

Level: 18

Attack Style: Ranged

Aggressive: Yes

Experience Gained (At same level): ?

Health: 500

Item Drops:
GoldGold (119-135)
BagPotion Bag
ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (C Class)
ScrollWeapon Enchant Scroll (C Class)
Warrior-skillbookToughness (Volume III)
DarkPiecePet Crystal (1)

Respawn Time: 20 min

Found in: FoxForest of Grave: (1220,650), (1550,920), (1750,1430), (2200,1100)

Related Monsters:
Sunset-FlowerSunset Flower
Blood-FlowerBloody Flower
Mushroom-FlowerMushroom Flower
Flower-ElementalFlower Elemental

Notes: It can't move.

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