Supply Manager

Location: TWOMLanosWoody-Weedy Village / TWOMSirasWoody-Wordy Village

Secret Vendor: No

Faction: Neutral

Attackable by other Faction: No

A. Reliable Adventurer Quest -
Prove you are reliable by talking to him. You will get a free soulbound Kooii-DollAwaken Kooii Doll, once a day.

B. Proof of Bravery Quest -
Prove to him that you are brave. Give him a PendantPendant of Honor (Once a day). You will receive a Dongri-Card-BoxDongri Card Box, which will give you a CardDonguri Card.

C. Supply Request -
The towns army needs supplies! Bring to him (Once per day):

He will give you 2 grade symbols on weekends.

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