TWOM Marshland, Swamp Boar

Swamp Boar found on Mushroom Marshland

Swamp Boar

Level: 7

Attack Style: Melee

Aggressive: Yes

Experience Gained (At same level): 45

Health: 120

Item Drops:
GoldGold (6-16)
Old-FeatherOld Feather
Heavy-LeatherHeavy Leather
Magician-skillbookFlame Shock 3
Apprentice-Magician-ArmorApprentice Magician Robe
Ranger-skillbookShift (Volume II)
ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (D Class)
ScrollWeapon Enchant Scroll (D Class)
Greater-Restoration-PotionLesser Restoration Potion

Respawn Time: 1 minute

Found in: Swamp-MushroomMushroom Marshland: (2968,2151)

Related Monsters:
Leaf-BoarLeaf Boar
Angry-Leaf-BoarAngry Leaf Boar
Bulldozer-JrBulldozer Jr.
Continent-BoarContinent Bulldozer
Big-BoarBig Boar

Notes: Because it drops Heavy-LeatherHeavy Leather, hunting Swamp-BoarSwamp Boars for Heavy-LeatherHeavy Leather may be easier than waiting for bosses and mini bosses to spawn in Leaf-BoarWoody-Weedy Forest or Leaf-BoarWoody-Wordy Forest. However, Heavy-LeatherHeavy Leather is an uncommon drop.

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