Siras-SymbolThe Empire of SirasSiras-Symbol

Siras Trademark Color: Orange

The Secret Phantom:

TWOM Knight

A Knight of Siras

A secret organization filled primarily of wizards who control magical powers. This Kingdom of Lanos had an official association of magic to develop their skills. With too many restrictions, the Secret Phantom decided to develop the never-ending craft of magic without their approval. The existence of the secret order was later revealed and the order was forced to leave the kingdom and join the Empire of Siras to research their infinite powers without limitations.

Siras Empire, Young Emperor Kanos has united with the wizards of the Secret Phantom to fight against the forces of the Kingdom of Lanos.

Fame-Icon Now, The Empire of Siras constantly duels with The Kingdom of Lanos on Wingfril Island and Battlefield to determine who will be victorious.


Emperor Kanos? Or a Knight?

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