• Some "treasure"...
Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest

Level: 19

Attack Style: Melee

Aggressive: No

Experience Gained (At same level): 97

Health: 700

Item Drops:
If it is a monster:
GoldGold (31-50)
Ancient-BoxAncient Treasure
BagPotion Bag
CocktailPalm Cocktail
CardPirate Card 10
Skeleton-KeyCaptain's Cabin Key
Red-WaxRed Beeswax
Pirate RingPirate Ring
Ranger-skillbookMulti Shot (Volume I)

If it is a chest:
GoldGold (150-250)
Ancient-BoxOld Box
Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coin
CardPirate Card K
CardPirate Card Q
CardPirate Card J
CardPirate Card 10
Pirate RingPirate Ring

Respawn Time: 4 minutes

Found in: BroomPirate Ship 1F, 2F: Hallway, Captain's Cabin, and the Storage Room.

Notes: Appears first as a treasure chest, if attacked it turns into an enemy or simply open and drops items.
The space for the monster name is empty and only HP is displayed.

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