Hello TWOM Wiki!

I am a long-time lurker of the Wiki and I have been on/off of TWOM since 2011. I go by the name Mystical, or as some call me, Mys. Many of my friends who used to play the game have quit a long time ago, which I thought I would've done the same, but I couldn't bring myself to quit. I'm not super active in-game due to school and my responsibilities in real life, but I will try to be active on the wiki.

This is the first time I have contributed to the wiki and I want to help it grow by sharing my knowledge of the game. I'm also down to help organize or proof-read anything needed. 

Please don't hesitate to say hi to me in-game or on the forum! :)


IGN: xMystical

Server: Devilang

Faction: Siras

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