Well-Being Herb Bread
A slice of bread that increases your well-being.

Buy Price from NPC: (5) for 385 GoldGold and (20) for 1540 GoldGold
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 35 GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Dropped by:
SnaketailLizardSnaketail Lizard
Sleepy-KooiiSleepy Kooii
Dark BeholderDark Beholder
Blood-FlowerBloody Flower
Mutated BeeMutated Bee
Young Froggy SwarmYoung Froggy Swarm
Mutated LobsterMutated Lobster
Plague ZombiePlague Zombie
Egg MonsterEgg Monster
Masked MagicianMasked Magician
And many other monsters in Sky Castle.
Trade Bulldozer's-Tail-BoneBulldozer's Tail Bone (5) to NPC ChefJorrburuChef Jorrburu at Lanos Palace for BreadWell-Being Herb Bread (5).
Trade SoilYoung Fox's Tail (5) to NPC Farmer-PamusFarmer Pamus at Forest of Grave for BreadWell-Being Herb Bread (5).
Purchase (5) from Reader-HalSamas for 385 GoldGold and (20) for 1540 GoldGold.
Purchase (5) from Reader-HalDamas for 385 GoldGold and (20) for 1540 GoldGold.

Restores 15 HP per second for 9 seconds.
Total HP restored: 135

Cool time 5 seconds.
You need to be standing still for it to heal. If you move, it will cancel the healing effect and waste the supply.
You will see the icon FoodEffect while the item is in effect.

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