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Northwest of the Inotia continent, after the great whirling vortex had fallen asleep, a group of adventurers started a perilous journey to sail around the never-ending ocean for new land and riches.

Early on, they stumbled upon a small under-developed island known as "Wingfril Island". Wingfril Island, which originally only contained traces of civilization, soon became developed by the adventurers and scholars of the land.

However, the adventurer Oatwil and his friend Billiad, who were followers of the witch's prophecy to save the world, soon realized that Wingfril was somehow related to the witch. They delved deeper into the mysterious connection but one day they vanished and are now considered missing.

Wingfril-IslandThe story begins with you waking up in the small village of Wingfril Island... Fame-IconOn Wingfril Island, a war between The Empire of Siras and The Kingdom of Lanos begin.

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