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See Beach 1v1 Duelling.


Image Name Level Notes
Bottle Bottle 1 -
Red-Crab Red Crab 10 -
Sandman Sandman 11 -
Woopa Woopa 12 -
Roopa Roopa 13 -
Mutant-Woopa Mutant Woopa 13 Mini-Boss
TURTLE-Z Turtle Z 18 Boss

NPC's in Wingfril Island Beach Edit

Image Name Quests Shop Vendor
Small-Battlefield Battlefield Supervisor 7 No
Small-Battlefield Battlefield Supervisor(2) 1 No
Rafril-Radin Rafril/Ratas 3 No
Rafril-Radin Radin 6 No
Amy Sara 3 No
Poscar Poscar 4 No
Reader-Hal Reader Mal 0 Yes
Shaman-Tunga Shaman Tunga 3 No
Reader-Hal Damas 1 Yes
Shookshook Shookshook 1 No
Black Trader DonBurns99 Black Trader 3 Yes
TWOM Board Ranking Board 0 No
LanosOfficer Lanos Officer 0 Yes
LanosOfficer Siras Officer 0 Yes

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