• Example of a Wingwing Boots as seen on Black Trader.
  • Wingwing boots dropped by Yuki Neko from idb25
  • +7 Wingwing Boots
  • Wwbs I got from idb25 a while back :)


Wingwing Boots
You'll be flying all over Inotia with these equipped!

Level Required: 1
Class Required: Magician-Class Ranger-Class Warrior-Class All
Armor: 4
Speed: 5% to 15%
Health: 45 to 60
Sell Price at Black Trader: 70M+GoldGold
Requires 5 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: 7th-Core7th Core (10)

How to Obtain:
Dropped by:
Obtained from InstantDungeonChestDungeon Treasure 25 with a very slim chance.

Rumored to increase evasiveness by 20%.

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