Woody-Wordy Village NPCS:

Image Name Quests Shop Vendor
Npc-Innkeeper Innkeeper 3 No
Amy Amy 5 No
Small-Battlefield Arena Arbiter 1 No
Aspirin Aspirin 8 No
Small-Battlefield Battlefield Supervisor 7 No
Amy Secretphantom Merchant 0 Yes
DingoNPC Dingo 2 No
Poscar Dungeon Keeper 5 No
Small-Battlefield Guild Manager 1 No
Jamie Jedai 0 Yes
Kana Kana 0 Yes
Jamie Leather Craftsmen 5 No
Maloi Bartender Lumai 4 No
Amy Newbie Helper 0 No
Juri-Noii Noii 2 No
Reader-Hal Reader Lal 0 Yes
Security Manager Security Manager 2 No
Supply-Manager Supply Manager 3 No
Poscar Teleporter 0 Yes
LanosOfficer Valcon 3 No
Trader Trader 3 Yes
Black Trader DonBurns99 Black Trader 3 Yes
TWOM Board Ranking Board 0 No
TWOM Board Notice Board 0 No
TWOM Board Tip & Rumor 0 No


Image Name Level Notes
Sandbag Sandbag 0 Never dies.

Village OverviewEdit


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