• Woopas are bundles of joy.

Level: 12

Attack Style: Melee

Aggressive: yes

Experience Gained (At same level): 0.30%

Health: 180

Item Drops:
Woopa-Roopa-ScaleWoopa-Roopa Scale
Small-CoralSmall Coral
Red-CoralRed Coral
Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coin
Magician-skillbookLight Healing 3
Ancient-BloodMystic Oil
ScrollWeapon Enchant Scroll (C Class)
ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (C Class)
Ancient-BoxOld Box
BowLong Bow
Mystic-StoneMystic Stone
Green-CrystalGreen Crystal

Respawn Time: 1 minute

Found in:
WoopaWingfril Island Beach
TURTLE-ZZZIsland with the Lighthouse

Related Monsters:
Mutant-WoopaMutant Woopa
Testing-WoopaTesting Woopa

Notes: Good for farming for higher levels.

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