Woopa Pork Meat
Tasty Woopa meat.


How to Obtain:
Purchase (5) from Reader-HalDamas for 165 GoldGold.
Dropped by:
Red-CrabRed Crab
Underground-SpiderUnderground Spider
Random item from Ancient-BoxOld Box.

Restores 12 HP per second for 7 seconds.
Total HP restored: 84

Bring 5 Meat-Leg Woopa Pork Meat and the Picnic-BoxPicnic Box to ElenaEllena for a Quest-Paper Picnic Box Delivery Certification

Cool Time 5 seconds.

You need to be standing still for food items to take effect. Moving or performing an action will cancel the effect.

You will see the icon FoodEffect while the item is in effect.

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