Location: Chon-ChonLanos Palace: (563,1381)

Secret Vendor: No

Faction: Lanos

Attackable by other Faction: Yes

Crafts Ranger, Warrior Armors & Helmets.


Scout-JerkinScout Jerkin = Thick-SkinThick Leather x100 + ClothCotton Cloth x20

Dezorubas-TunicDezoruba's Tunic = Design-BlackSkull-ArmorDezoruba's Design + Thick-SkinThick Leather x200 + SpecialCottonSpecial Cotton Cloth x30

Hat of the windHat of the Wind = ClothCotton Cloth x70 + Thread-WindThread of Wind x20

Blitz-HelmHat of Blitzkrieg = ClothCotton Cloth x70 + Blue-ThreadThread of Magic x20

Dezorubas-HatDezoruba's Hat = Design-BlackSkull-ArmorDezoruba's Design + SpecialCottonSpecial Cotton Cloth x70

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